Whatever your arborist needs may be, the experts at Urban Arborists are keen to help. Call today and get a free quote so that we can begin to help you with all your tree needs, and browse below to see some of our arborist solutions.

Tree Removals

Our mantra at Urban Arborists is tree preservation and safety. However sometimes there are situations where a tree must be removed. If trees are dying, affected by storm damage, dangerously over hanging housing or are to be removed for construction; call the guys at Urban Arborists today to help with the removal of trees. We are highly trained in safe tree removal by using rope systems to help prevent damage to your property. Urban Arborists are also trained & qualified in more expert removals that require crane work.

Tree Pruning

We are able to safely prune your tree away from any housing & wiring to prevent future damage that may be caused by storms. By pruning a tree, we are able to balance the weight of the tree to help it grow more efficiently. Tree pruning can restore a trees health by removing dead wood or dying branches which will also make it more aesthetically pleasing for your garden.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges can be a great addition to any property to help provide privacy and shade. However they require maintenance in order to maintain their aesthetic appeal.
At Urban Arborists, we specialise in undertaking the trimming of all forms of hedging, regardless of size to ensure that your garden continues to flourish.

View Restoration

With a stunning city like Auckland, views are a must — trees however continue to grow and affect this. Urban Arborists can help by trimming, shaping and pruning trees to get back that beautiful view. Removal of low hanging limbs and weight reduction can benefit the trees growth as well as help restore your view. With a free quote, our tree specialists will be able to regain your beautiful view, while retaining the health of your trees.

Site Clearance

Section clearance is the removal of multiple trees in a given area that may be undertaken to achieve further property developments, extensions/alterations to a existing property or simply to improve the aesthetics of the property.

Section clearance typically involves removal or pruning of trees ranging in size and can be hazardous if not executed properly. The experts at Urban Arborists specialise in the safe and efficient removal of trees no matter how confined or problematic they may appear.

Stump Grinding

Root systems of trees and the stumps left behind can affect underground plumbing & wiring which will cause future issues. Stump grinding is a service that can be provided to you after a tree is removed or if you have a stump from a previous removal. Stump removal will also rule out any regrowth of the tree that may take place. Inquire with our tree specialists for a free quote to answer your stump or root system questions.